Of the
Fifth District Republican Committee
As of June 1993 and Revised February 21, 1999

Article I Authority
These bylaws shall be supplementary to the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia, hereafter called the State Party Plan. All business conducted by the District Committee shall be in accordance with the State Party Plan, these Bylaws, and Roberts Rules of Order (Newly Revised), with the order of precedence in the sequence listed.
Article II Membership and Voting Rights

1. The following members will have full voting membership of the Fifth District Committee:
• District Chair
• Vice-Chair(s), Secretary, Treasurer
• Chair of each unit or portion of unit within the District
• Members of the State Central Committee (See Article IV, Section E., State Party Plan)
• District Representative of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women
• Young Republican District Committeeman
• College Republican District Committeeman

2. No person shall have more than one vote at any committee meeting.
3. State Central Committee members not elected at the Quadrennial Convention shall serve until the beginning of the meeting at which their successor is to be elected.
Article III Officers and Their Election
• District Chair
• District Vice-Chair(s)
• Secretary
• Treasurer

1. The District Chair shall be elected by the Biennial District Convention (Article JV, Section B, State Party Plan)
2. The Vice-Chair(s), Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the District Committee for a two-year term at the first meeting following the Biennial District Convention (Article IV, Section B, State Party Plan).
3. The Vice-Chair(s), Secretary, and Treasurer shall serve until the beginning of the meeting at which their successor is to be elected.
4. The District Committee shall fill vacancies after notice of such intent has been included in the call of the meeting (See Article IV, Section C., State Party Plan).
5. All members of the District committee must be active members of the Unit Committee of the county, city, or town ofresidence in the Fifth District.

Article IV Duties of Officers

1. The duties of the District Chair shall be as set forth in the State Party Plan.
2. The District First Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the District Chair during the disability of the District Chair and shall perform other duties as requested by the District Committee or District Chair.
3. The District Secretary shall keep the minutes and other official records of the Committee including attendance records of all Committee members and shall assist the Chair with official correspondence and filing documents.
4. The District Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds, submit a written report of financial transactions and conditions at each District Committee meeting, file all required financial reports, and issue notices of assessments to all units.

Article V Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the District Committee officers, the State Central Committee Members, and three Unit Chairs selected by the District Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet upon call of the District Chair, who shall be its Chair. The
Executive Committee shall be subject to the direction of the District Committee, and shall report all actions at the next meeting of the District Committee.

Article VI Standing and Special Committees

1. All standing and special committees shall be established and appointed by the District Committee except that the District Committee may authorize the District Chair to appoint such committees. At the time a committee is appointed, the District Chair will establish a due date and format for committee reports.

2. The Committees shall include, but not be limited to

• Recruitment Committee

• Bylaws Committee

• Nominating Committee

• Audit Committee

• Finance Committee
• Convention Committee
• Planning Committee

• Resolutions Committee

• Rules Committee
• Credentials Committee
3. The District shall have an audit conducted of the records of the Treasurer by an appointed audit committee following each Biennial Convention or whenever there
is a change in the person holding the office, and as such other times as determined by the District Committee.

4. A nomination committee shall be appointed by the District Chair to submit names of qualified candidates for the offices of District Vice-Chair(s), Secretary, and Treasurer at the first District Committee meeting following the Biennial Convention (See Article JV, Section B, Item 2, State Party Plan) .

Article VII Finances

1. Each Unit Committee shall pay to the District Committee an annual assessment not to exceed$ 3 per delegate, the amount to be detennined by majority vote of the District Committee in even numbered years and no later than June 30 in odd numbered years.
Notice of the assessment shall be mailed to each Unit Chair by the District Treasurer
within two weeks of the District Committee meeting at which the assessment is determined. The assessment should be paid by December 31 of the year.

2. All business related to convention procedures, to include location, representation, and fees, shall be determined at a called District Committee Meeting (See Article JV, Section D, State Party Plan)

3. All expenditures shall be authorized by the District Committee either through an adopted budget or by approval of a specific request. An annual budget shall be prepared and adopted no later June 30 of each year. The fiscal year of the District Committee shall be from Julyl through June 30. The District Chair and Treasurer shall individually be authorized to
sign checks.

Article VIII Proxies

A member of the District Committee may be represented in meeting by a proxy, subject to the following conditions:

1. No individual may cast more than one vote at any meeting.

2. The proxy holder must be an active member of the same Unit Committee or Organization in the Fifth District that is represented by the absent member.

3. All proxies shall be in writing and shall be signed by the maker of the proxy and shall be substantially in the following form:
hereby constitute and appoint [NAME OF PROXY} my true and
lawful attorney, to vote as my proxy (with full power of substitution)* at a meeting of the
Republican District Committee on the day of [MONTH, YEAR], or at any
adjourned meeting thereof and for me and in my name, place, and stead to vote upon any question that properly may come before such meeting, with all the power I should possess if personally present, hereby revoking all previous proxies.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, the _ dayof[MONTH, YEAR]




(*) Inclusion of the power of substitution is discretionary with member. Its omission
shall preclude substitution. (See Article VIL Section A, State Party Plan)

Article IX Quorum

1. A majority of the voting members of the District Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business (See Article VIL Section B, State Party Plan).
2. Any unfilled position will not be included in the numbers of voting members as part of the calculation for a quorum.

Article X Absences

A member of the District Committee other than an ex-officio member automatically loses his committee position if he is absent three (3) consecutive meetings
without representation by a person holding a proxy (See Article VII, Section D, State Party Plan). A vacancy created by such resignation shall be filled in accordance with Article VII, Section F, of the State Party Plan.

Article XI Amendments

1. All proposed changes to the Bylaws must be submitted to the Secretary of the District Committee 30 days prior to the date of the proposed adoption.

2. The District Committee Bylaws may be amended by any District Convention by three-fourths (3/4) roll call vote, or by the District Committee by three-fourths

(3/4) of its members present, but not less than a majority of the total members, after notice of such intent and general text of such amendment has been included in the call of the meeting (See Article XI, State Party Plan. The call of the meeting is described in Article IV, Section D, Item 2c of the State Party Plan) .